Kilah Coming Home on July 19th!!!

We got some fantastic news yesterday! Straight from Kilah’s mommy, Kirbi,

I ask from the bottom of my heart that you all continue to pray for Kilah,and my real dad. They both need the prayers so badly. Kilah will be coming home for sure next Thursday and we are all very excited about this. Coming from the start of this 55 days ago, doctors didn’t believe id bring her home. we have come so far and will continue too. i thank you all ahead of time and really appreciate all the love and support we have gotten from everyone. thank you all and lots of love.

Had a check up for baby K and he is great ! I am very thankful for that. Kilah will be a great big sister. and so happy that she was right all along about it being a boy.
Getting ready to snuggle up to my beautiful baby girl and spend some much needed best friend time with Katie.

Also, new information from Nana Leslie,

So today an associate of Kilah’s Neurosurgeon went to the hospital to see her…I stopped him at Presby yesterday to voice my concerns…after he saw her he asked a pediatric plastic surgeon to go see her…they are both in agreement that the scabs on her head need to heal before the bone will be put back in…i am so thankful for COMMUNICATION…so as it looks now she will come home next Thursday without the bone in her skull…no problem…just want to know what to expect. She is still having issues with throwing up…she is a fighter and will continue to thrive at home…if anyone wants to participate in her homecoming we will give more details as they become available! Love and Kisses to you all!

This all such great news – you are so strong Kilah!!

Enjoy a few new pictures 🙂

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