Kilah Updates and A Big Thanks!

Sorry I haven’t updated since before Kilah Palooza – but it was a bit crazy and I had a lot of my own work I needed to catch up on!

Obviously, anyone that attended the event knows just how awesome it was!  So much fun and everything came together without a hitch (well, not one that you will know about!) 🙂

The day was filled with fun, music, good drinks and lots of tears. I am so very proud of the core organizers of this event and how they gave of their time, unselfishly, to make sure we could help a family in need!

You can check out some of the pictures here:

Craig Taylor, Shutterfly

Randy Hargett @ SmugMug

A few updates on Kilah:

  • Unfortunately, right after the event, Kirbi fell during a rain storm and has a broken toe and fractured wrist.  She is doing fine, but it just adds another layer of things to worry about for them.
  • Leslie and Brian purchased a van for Kirbi, Kilah & new baby boy (when he gets here) to make it easier for them to transport Kilah and the whole family. This was very much needed and glad they were able to get it for them.
  • Kilah’s Law gets support from Indian Trail Town Council
  • Check out a song written just for Kilah; Our Miracle Girl
  • Yesterday, Kilah got her leg braces on, but keeps wiggling out of her hand braces

I’ve added a few more pictures below, so make sure you check these out as well as the ones above from Kilah Palooza!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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