Kilah’s Bone Flap Surgery and Updates

A few new updates for everyone:

  • September 10th will be an important date for Ms Kilah – she is having the bone flap put back into her skull.  She will spend some time in the hospital after surgery, so everyone please pray for everything to go perfect and get her in and out quickly!
  • Kilah had her Swallow Test and passed with flying colors! What does this mean? More regular food and less tube feeding! One step closer to that tube being gone!

As if there weren’t enough reasons to sign the Kilah’s Law Petition and get this piece of legislation passed, it seems that the amount of child abuse, just in our area, seems to be mounting every single day! Here are just a couple of the troubling stories in the past week:

This really has got to stop and the stiffer the sentences, the more we can deter these animals from treating our children like this! Please make sure you sign the petition – it is so important! To keep up with Kilahs Law, please join the Facebook Group – Kilah’s Law and More.

We are working to get a table at Mint Hill Madness on September 29th so we can gain interest and support for Kilah’s Law. If you can help or volunteer, please contact me at

Here is an update from Jeff Gerber, our Kilah’s Law Warrior:

When introducing new Legislation such as “Kilahs Law” for the first time it is imperative to promote public awareness. “The Justice for all coalition” along with “Team Kilah” have been busy introducing “A Resolution Of Support” For Kilahs Law, to various North Carolina Town Councils as well as County Governments. Kilahs Law will raise the sentencing guidelines for anyone who causes the permanent debilitating physical injury to a child to a higher classification of a felony with the intent of a potential 25 years to life prison sentence. An update on where we are so far is, The Resolution Of Support For Kilahs Law has passed the Towns of Stallings, Fairview,Indian Trail so far. We are on the agenda’s of the following Town Councils.

Harrisburg, NC Mon. Sept.10TH 7:00PM
Waxhaw, NC Tues. Sept. 11TH 6:30PM
Unionville, NC Mon. Sept.17TH 7:30PM
Union County Commissioners, waiting on confirmation.
If you can help get this on your town council agenda, please contact us!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bro.Dave Belk
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 20:14:56

    Dear Davenport’s: I know it’s been a month since Kilah’s been home from the hospital.But I’m sure she needs to overcome another medical obstacle.Hear she’ll be goin’ back to CMC-Main for skull flap surgery & she passed her swallow test.Slowly but surely it’ll take some more time before she can start eating normally & her speech therapy can take effect.Want you to know I have a sister & brother-in-law who work at CMC-Main in the Pre-op area outside the O.R.Names are:Gus & Sue VonSoestbergen.Doubt they’ll be takin’ care of Kilah’s pre-surgery,But who knows.Wish her the best of medical care.Bet she hates hospitals.Believe me,I’ve been there myself for minor surgeries.Mostly for finger & toe defects.Even adults like me get afraid of hospitals.Also hope you’ll help to pass the law on keepin’ child abusers behind bars even longer.Doubt Kilah’s evil stepfather’ll ever get out soon.I’m sure he’ll serve a longer sentence.So good luck with what y’all have to face next.Hang in there Kilah!


  2. Jeff Gerber
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 00:17:13

    It is confirmed. The Union County Board Of County Commissioners will be placing us on their agenda Sept. 17TH at 7:00PM at The Government Center. Folks if you can attend please wear your Kilah Law shirts as well as bring signs and posters. I asked to be placed toward the beginning of the agenda so it won’t be a long evening. Especially if the beautiful Kilah can attend. This is huge as their meetings are televised in Union County on the Government channel. Our message is all across the state because of all you folks involved. Together we will prevail. A special thanks to REP. Craig Horn who is working tirelessly on writing this bill.


  3. She'
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 13:50:04

    Sending a little inspirational for a little angel;

    The warm rays that you feel everyday are not just sunshine… but the touch of the angels who want to let you know, you are loved and they are watching over you each and everyday. Because Kilah you are very, very, very special.

    I am praying for you today (always) and Sept 10 and everyday after for a speedy recovery, you are truly a strong little girl and an angel.

    God bless you Kilah your family and team Kilah.


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