Fun News and Reason To Get Your Prayer On For Kilah

There will be a shower for Baby Boy Davenport today.  Lots of friends are coming together to shower Kirbi and her baby with gifts and fun stuff.  She is 33 weeks – so it is getting close! If you have a chance, pop over to Kirbi’s Facebook Page and send her a little message today 🙂

BIG day for the family on Monday, September 10th! I mentioned before that Kilah will be having her bone flap surgery, so everyone needs to send extra prayers up that everything goes perfect.  As soon as I know anything about the surgery, I will post it for you.

Reminder to  sign the Kilah’s Law Petition and get this piece of legislation passed – this is probably one of the most important things you can do today and it only takes a couple of minutes.  As if you need any more reasons that what has happened to Kilah, go over to Jeff Gerbers Facebook Page where he outlines the cases of child abuse that happen every single day. It’s horrific!



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