Kilahs Surgery, Updates and New Pictures


We need volunteers to help at Mint Hill Madness on September 29th!! If you can help, even for an hour, please let me know!

Kilah had her bone flap surgery on Monday and she has done very well. She had minimum blood loss and the drains did not have to go into her brain – which is a fantastic sign!

On Wednesday, all of the drains were taken out and as you can see from the pictures, her little head looks fantastic!

Kirbi had this update yesterday evening:

New update: Kilah & I have gotten some rest but she is really fussy and ready to be home. we spoke with both doctors today and they are talking about us coming home tmrw. She can NOT lay on the sides of her head due to the bones are free floating and are soft.. kind like a BIG soft spot. She has to stay on the back of her head.. and anyone who knows Kilah knows this has been a big challenge the past day.. now we just noticed that the G-TUBE which she receives her feeding from is very loose i am waiting now for someone to come take a look. Please everyone continue to pray for my precious girl.. I got to hold her for awhile today and it was amazing !! the smell of her so close and her warm little body and her lips and skin and feeling her breath just was the most amazing thing in the world. Kilah; mommy loves you so much and I am so blessed to be your mommy and to have you in my life. you are my miracle baby. and mommy loves you big ! i am so proud of you.

Tonight mom will be on the Channel 9 news at 11 for an update on miss kilah ♥ also i ask u all to keep Michael Alvarezin your prayers. he has been an amazing part in all of this along with some special others.. thank u all !!!!!!Tmrw i go for an OB appointment i know ur all curious aha at 930 🙂 mom will come stay with Kilah as i venture across the hspt ahah. will let everyone know whats said.thank you all again for the amazing support and prayers. we love you all. and thank you will never be enough.Kilah&Baby boy♥ mommy loves you both big. xoxoLeslie Jervis Davenport & Brian Davenport i love you both ! thank you for all the love support and being there beside us thru this hell ! we love you big !

Reminder from Jeff Gerber about town council meetings for Kilah’s Law:

Just a reminder of upcoming Town Council and County Commissioner meetings that have added “The Justice For All Coalition” to their agenda to hear and vote on A Resolution Of Support For Kilahs Law. If anyone can attend any of these meeting please do so. Wear your Kilahs Law shirts and bring your posters of support. We must show all of Government that we are united in our position for passage of “Kilahs Law”.

Monday Sept. 10TH @ 7:00pm Harrisburg, NC – Resolution Passed
Tuesday Sept. 11TH @ 6:30PM Waxhaw, NC – Resolution Passed
Thursday Sept. 13TH @ 7:00PM Mint Hill, NC – Resolution Passed
Monday Sept. 17TH @ 7:30PM Unionville, NC
Monday Sept. 17TH @ 7:00 PM Union County Board of Commissioners

Check out WSOC-TV’s newest story about Kilah and her recovery.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. esta swearingen
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 11:23:06

    To the DAVENPORT FAMILY and especially little KILAH! GOD BLESS each and every one one of you! May GOD continue to watch over you and guide you through this difficult time. There is always a light ahead of all darkness, follow it! With much love, thought and prayers. Esta


  2. Bro.Dave Belk
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 19:58:30

    Dear Davenport’s:Was thinkin’ about y’all when I was at my neuorologist just a hop,skip & a jump from CMC-Main this past monday mornin’.I’m sure Kilah didn’t like goin’ back to the hospital again,But I’m sure she took it in stride & made it through the surgery all right.You know that my sister & brother-in-law work there.But I’m sure they weren’t on duty that day when you went.Don’t forget the name VonSoestbergen.They’re very good pre-surgery people.They work on any patient old or young to prep for their surgeries.But I think there was someone else at the time Kilah was bein’ prepped.I’m sure he or she was doin’ a good job then.Been nearly 2 months since Kilah last came home from CMC-Main.I pray nearly everyday that Kilah’ll be on the slow mend to recovery & that her namesake law against child abusers will be passed one day.So do what y’all have to do in the long run.Glad to know her bone flap surgery went okay.Surely Kilah’ll have other tests later on.Speech & memory skills may follow for her next.But I’m sure her eating skills’ll be in the short term.I’ve been through hospitals for minor surgeries myself.I know it frightens me.But I came out all right in’em.So for now,Hope y’all return home with Kilah by the next day.Get some good rest & think positve thoughts.God bless you all & Kilah too.Signed:Bro.Dave Belk.Charlotte NC.


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