Kilah Home and Doing Well, More Towns Backing Kilahs Law!

Kilah is at home, doing well, and starting to get back on her schedule since the hospital stay. We are all so thankful that everything went well and she can get back to her recovery. 🙂

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jeff Gerber continues to take Kilahs Law to surrounding communities in our area to gain support – so far, no one has let him or the Davenport family down!

The newest additions to communities that have unanimously passed the resolution are Mint Hill, Unionville and Union County! To find out more about their support and what it means, check out these news stories:

Mint Hill Leaders Support Kilah’s Law

Kilah’s Law Receives Unanimous Support

Mint Hill Votes To Support Possible Kilah’s Law

“Kilah’s Law” Supported in Union County

Also, Kilah’s story is staying forefront in the news, and this can only help the push for Kilah’s Law. The more people that see her story, the more support they will have. Share these stories on Facebook and Twitter – we want this to reach across the U.S.

Major improvement for 3 year old Kilah Davenport

Abused toddler’s health continues to improve

If you like Twitter, then it is time to follow Kilah’s Law! Show your support for this law and let everyone know to follow along with updates!

To keep up with family updates, follow Kilah’s Law and More on Facebook.

Reminder: If you haven’t already, sign the Kilah’s Law Petition – it only takes a second!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeff Gerber
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 15:56:49

    Kilahs Law will raise the sentencing guidelines for anyone who causes the permanent debilitating physical injury to a child. Currently Felony Child Abuse Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury to a child falls under a class C felony with the sentencing guidelines of 44-92 months in prison. Kilahs law will raise the sentencing guidelines to a class B felony giving the judicial system the tools they need in order to impose a much harsher punishment. We believe that anyone capable of doing the magnitude of harm to a child such as Kilah Davenport should be sentenced in the same manor as a child pedophile with a potential sentence of 25-life in prison. Whether it be child rape or deliberately causing serious bodily injury to a child in both cases the victims childhood has been stripped from them and most definitely will undergo a lifelong struggle of rehabilitation.Anyone capable of deliberately hurting a child causing lifelong permanent injury’s will most definitely re-commit the same crime upon released from prison if given a short sentence with the state department of corrections. We believe these individuals are a danger to society and must be removed from society for many years if not permanently. Kilahs law will no doubt save lives.When this Legislation is passed in The NC General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor, unfortunately this cannot legally pertain to the individual that did the crime against Kilah Davenport. The Law only will take effect once the Governor of North Carolina signs the bill. Kilahs Law will be introduced to the Legislature when they re-convene at the end of January.


  2. Jeff Gerber
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 00:00:14

    Whereas, preventing child abuse and neglect is a community problem affecting both the current and future quality of life of a community; and

    Whereas, child abuse and neglect not only cause immediate harm to children, but are also proven to increase the likelihood of criminal behavior, substance abuse, health problems and risky behavior; and

    Whereas, all citizens should become involved in supporting families to provide safe, nurturing environments for their children giving them the opportunity to grow up to be caring, contributing members of the community; and

    Whereas, effective child abuse prevention programs succeed because of partnerships created among social service agencies, schools, faith communities, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the business community; and

    Whereas, the Town Of Matthews supports the efforts of the Justice for all collation in its goal of getting child abusers off the streets and the its mission of making Kilah’s law come to fruition.

    NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA that we fully support the spirit and efforts to create this law which will bring tougher penalties to those who inflict permanent damage on a child and encourage all citizens and Elected Officials of the State to join us in our efforts.

    SO RESOLVED THIS THE ________ DAY OF October, 2012

    By _________________________________
    , Mayor


    This is a copy of “The Resolution Of Support For Kilahs Law.” Feel free to share with any Town or County Government. When Presenting be sure month is correct at bottom of Resolution and change Name of Town Council in 3 places at bottom as well. I would recommend also delivering or emailing some information about Kilah and “Kilahs Law.”


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