New Updates on Kilah and Blade Pictures!

68463_4105115465903_1964574690_nUpdates from Kirbi:

December 10:

Kilah has officially said Mama! So happy for Kirbi Anne Davenport! She has a little fighter on her hands! ♥ For those of you that don’t know Kilah was a victum of server domestic abuse about 6 months ago. She has reached milestones that doctors didnt think would be possible! With God all things are possible and Kirbi has shown faith and trust in the Lord the whole journey!

God has shown His mercy and His miracles daily with Kilah! Go Team Kilah!!! Keep the prayers going!!!

December 11:

Kilah had a very aggressive therapy session today but she took it like a champ and fought her way thru it ! Shes eating lunch and brothers taking a nap. I am very proud of miss Kilah & how great shes doing. Her therapist even commented on how much her head control has improved since her trach has been removed! Looks like Kilah and Blade will be doing tummy time together from now on. Mommy loves you Kilah & Blade!! Keep fighting Kilah!!

December 13:

So i know everyone loves to hear about new progress with Kilah. Well she is now able to remove puzzle pieces from the large puzzle with nobs on it. She can pull the nob and remove the piece from the board! Today we wanted to share with our therapist and on command numerous times Kilah removed the piece and when praised she smiled at her therapist! & Mr. blade will be 7 weeks tmrw and hes a big boy he can roll over and hold his head up and hes trying to inch worm across the floor! Hes getting too big!! I am so proud of both my babies ! They r truly amazing!!! Mommy loves u Kilah & Blade!!!

Physical therapy and Occupational therapy:

kilah-physical kilah-physical1 kilahphysical 2physicaltherapy

New Pictures of Blade:

blade1 blade blade2

Reminders on how you can help:


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  1. Bro.Dave Belk
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 04:09:05

    Dear Davenport Ladies:It’s great to hear that Kilah’s movin’ along well in her speech & physical therapy.good to know she’s got a baby brother to look down at.Bet Blade’s a good name for a baby boy.I’ll think he’ll like his name when he grows up.Hope to meet y’all someday after the holidays.Just turned 46 today on sweet Dec.16th.Feelin’ a little older than I was before.My sister Susan’ll be 44 on tuesday the 18th.She’s 2 years & 2 days younger than I am.Sure glad I’m her only big brother.Got other family members too from elderly to young.Glad to have’em as well.Kilah,If you’re out there sweetie.Just remember,The true spirt of christmas lies in your heart.Hope Santa’ll come bring you presents soon.He’ll be here in one week.So keep those visions of sugarplums dancin’ in your head.Think happy thoughts this X’mas.Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as you do Santa Claus.I believe too.And do remember that you ma & grandma’ll always love you as do other people who care about you.Merry X’mas 2012 Davenport’s & Kilah! Signed always:Bro.Dave Belk,Charlotte NC.


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