Kilahs Law Petition Meets 10,000 Signatures Needed!


As of about 20 minutes ago, the Kilahs Law Petition has met its goal of 10,000 signatures!!! What a milestone!

Thank you message from Kirbi:

Hello Everyone. Kilah and the rest of the Davenport family and Team Kilah family would like to take the moment to thank you all for meeting the 10,000 mark of signatures for the petition to raise the sentencing guidelines for child abusers. Even tho this change in the guidelines will not affect Joshua Houser it makes it known how many people agree with what we are doing for other children who will become a victim. Please continue to share Kilah’s story. Just because we have met our mark doesn’t mean we silence our fight for a change. We continue to tell her story get the word out of how abuse affects children and how much of a miracle Kilah is. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love support and prayers you have shown to my beautiful angel and to myself and our entire family. Keep fighting with us for a change. Thank you all again!

Much love,
The Davenports

Just because this one goal has been met, there is still a need to continue getting people to sign the Kilahs Law Petition. Please continue to share the link as often as possible!


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  1. Bro.Dave Belk
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 20:32:11

    Dear Davenport’s:Hope y’all had a fine X’mas holiday 2012,& are ready for 2013 to bring new challenges ahead for you all.Do continue to take care of Kilah best y’all can & make sure her stepfather continues to stay in the slammer with no possiblity of bein’ released anytime.I’m sure with a little more physical & mental therapy,Kilah’ll be back to her old self one day.I wish her all the best & my church in Weddington supports her too.You have my agreement to have my signature added to the other 10,000 people who’ve already signed the petition.Good luck in sendin’ it to state or federal goverment.Have a Happy 2013 & may Kilah continue her next health challenge.Signed Bro.Dave Belk,Charlotte NC.


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