Kilah Davenport Foundation Benefit on May 13th at Hawthorne’s NY Pizza & Bar

kilah-benefit-picHawthorne’s NY Pizza & Bar in Mint Hill will be hosting a benefit for the Kilah Davenport Foundation on Monday, May 13th, from 4 pm – closing.

A portion of all proceeds from the evenings sales will go directly to support the foundation. Please come out and enjoy good food and drinks, and support a worthy cause! Please share the benefit flyer with friends and ask if you can post it at your place of business.

Other News and Updates:

Let’s all show our legislators that we are serious about stopping child abuse Nationwide by supporting the Kilah Davenport Protection Act 2013. Please sign the petition at and continue to share it with friends and family.

Our foundation is also asking for a letter of endorsement on your official organizations letter head including name and appropriate signatures.

Please see the attached Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act Support Letter for more information on the legislation and mailing information.


Kilah Davenport Foundation Website Officially Opens!


We are happy to announce that the Kilah Davenport Foundation Website has officially opened to the public! We are asking that everyone please visit the site, share it with your friends and leave comments for Kilah and Family!

The mission of the Kilah Davenport Foundation is to encourage and promote activities and programs meant to strengthen and unify the prevention of child abuse and assistance in providing educational resources for victim families that have suffered abuse. To provide goods, services and/or funds to individuals, groups or non-profit organizations for the prevention of child abuse.

Some of the information you can find at the Kilah Davenport Foundation website:

  • Learn About The Kilah Davenport Foundation, why it was formed and information about the board members that have come together to form it.
  • Read about Kilah’s Journey, the milestones she reaches and how she continues to improve with each passing day.
  • Find out how you can Get Involved with personal or corporate sponsorships, volunteering at events or donations.

In addition, you can keep up with News and Updates about the important legislative information in regards to Kilah’s Law and the newly announced Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act.

You can also become our friend on Facebook and keep up with day to day updates as well. 🙂

Updates on Kilahs Law | Press Conference by Robert Pittinger on March 28th

Raleigh NC with Dean Arp

Raleigh NC with Dean Arp

Important Update from Jeff Gerber on the status of Kilahs Law:

As we patiently wait for The NC Senate Appropriations Committee to release “Kilahs Law” to The Full Senate for a vote and onward to The Governor for his signature it is important to understand Felony Child Abuse Inflicting Serious Bodily Harm is not just a North Carolina problem. It is a Nationwide problem.

Therefore it is with great excitement to provide you folks with the following information.


If enacted, the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act will ensure states punish child abusers who inflict serious injury with a minimum sentence of more than 10 years.

States that do not meet minimum sentencing requirements would lose the right to receive federal taxpayer money for child abuse prevention programs. Until states take serious action to punish child abusers, it’s a waste of federal taxpayer money to pay for prevention programs on the front end.

If anyone can attend the press conference today, information below:

Congressman Pittenger will be joined at the announcement by the Davenport family and grassroots supporters who have been fighting for tougher penalties in cases of severe child abuse.

WHO:  Congressman Robert Pittenger, Davenport family, grassroots activists
WHAT:  Announcing federal legislation to increase penalties for severe child abuse
WHEN:  Thursday, March 28th, 10:30 a.m.
WHERE:  Crossing Paths Park, located next to the Town of Indian Trail Administrative Building, 130 Blythe Drive, Indian Trail, NC

CONTACT:  Jamie Bowers, 704-365-6234

For more information on the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act (H.R. 1311), visit

Benefit Concert for Kilah | Come Out And Support on March 25th!

536052_3787849894462_783729623_nWe know this is last minute, but there will be a benefit concert in honor of her 4th Birthday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

8:00pm until 11:00pm

40 Rod Roadhouse, Mint Hill, NC

One of the great bands from Kilah Palooza is in town and wants to play for Kilah’s Birthday!

Feature Act:

Shallow Side

Opening Band:

Anything Once

Come out for some high energy Rock N Roll!

Cover charge is a super inexpensive $5 to see both bands. All proceeds from the event will support the Kilah Davenport Foundation.

We know its a Monday night and this is short notice, but we are pleading with everyone to come on out and hang with friends, have a beer or two and support our precious angel Kilah.

Please invite everyone you know and lets make this a success!

Presented by R. K. Entertainment

If you are unable to attend and would like to help, the Kilah Davenport Foundation is a 501-c-3 non profit!!!!

You can also donate any amount via Paypal at:

What Happens Next With Kilahs Law?

trachJeff Gerber gives a great explanation about what happens next for Kilahs Law:

Team Kilah, I wanted to take a moment to explain the process that will take place with” Kilahs Law” now that this Bill is so close to being introduced.

REP. Craig Horn will be introducing the Bill when The Legislature reconvenes on January 30TH. The Bill will then go to The Judiciary B Committee. The members of that committee are then responsible to focus on the details of the bill. From there, public hearings are held.

Decisions about the bill’s merits are then conferred and decided upon. I do not expect any problems with this Committee approving the Bill. After the Bill is released it will go to The NC House for a full floor vote. They take 3 readings (votes) to allow for any Amendments to be offered by House Representatives. If no Amendments are offered by any Representatives all 3 readings could potentially occur in one day. If the Bill passes the 3RD reading it will then be sent to The NC Senate where the same process takes place. If The Senate passes the Bill as introduced to them it then goes to The Governor for consideration. If any changes are approved in The Senate the Bill goes back to The NC House. Due to the incredible public support for “Kilahs Law” I am hopeful this process will go smoothly and the Governor receives this Bill in a Couple Months and signs into Law. Sometimes Bills become Law very fast and other times it can take some time. All we can do is Pray this process happens quickly as “Kilahs Law” will no doubt save lives.

When this bill is introduced by REP. Craig Horn there will be 4-5 Primary Sponsors (that is a huge honor) and quite a few co-Sponsors.

Last but not least I personally want to thank everyone for all your hard work and support in making this Law a reality. Together We Will Prevail. And the beautiful little Kilah Davenport is honored with A State Law introduced in her name.

Kilahs Law Gaining Momentum and Support in Forsyth County

christmasA Forsyth County family is joining a family from Union County in support of Kilah’s Law, a proposed bill that would greatly increase jail time for people who abuse children and cause serious permanent disabilities.

District Attorney Jim O’Neill says there are 8 to 10 cases a year of children beaten so badly by a parent or caregiver that they have life altering injuries. Read more

For more news reports, visit:

Child Abuse Coalition Rallies For Harsher Punishment

Group pushes for tougher N.C. penalties for child abuse

Effort to Strengthen Child Abuse Law

Family rallies around 3-year-old after near-fatal beating

Other news:

Kirbi just returned from a visit with her ailing father who is now in care of hospice. Please everyone say a prayer that he will be at peace very soon.

Reminders on how you can help:

New Updates on Kilah and Blade Pictures!

68463_4105115465903_1964574690_nUpdates from Kirbi:

December 10:

Kilah has officially said Mama! So happy for Kirbi Anne Davenport! She has a little fighter on her hands! ♥ For those of you that don’t know Kilah was a victum of server domestic abuse about 6 months ago. She has reached milestones that doctors didnt think would be possible! With God all things are possible and Kirbi has shown faith and trust in the Lord the whole journey!

God has shown His mercy and His miracles daily with Kilah! Go Team Kilah!!! Keep the prayers going!!!

December 11:

Kilah had a very aggressive therapy session today but she took it like a champ and fought her way thru it ! Shes eating lunch and brothers taking a nap. I am very proud of miss Kilah & how great shes doing. Her therapist even commented on how much her head control has improved since her trach has been removed! Looks like Kilah and Blade will be doing tummy time together from now on. Mommy loves you Kilah & Blade!! Keep fighting Kilah!!

December 13:

So i know everyone loves to hear about new progress with Kilah. Well she is now able to remove puzzle pieces from the large puzzle with nobs on it. She can pull the nob and remove the piece from the board! Today we wanted to share with our therapist and on command numerous times Kilah removed the piece and when praised she smiled at her therapist! & Mr. blade will be 7 weeks tmrw and hes a big boy he can roll over and hold his head up and hes trying to inch worm across the floor! Hes getting too big!! I am so proud of both my babies ! They r truly amazing!!! Mommy loves u Kilah & Blade!!!

Physical therapy and Occupational therapy:

kilah-physical kilah-physical1 kilahphysical 2physicaltherapy

New Pictures of Blade:

blade1 blade blade2

Reminders on how you can help:

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