Driving to Change Federal Child Abuse Law

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The Union County Weekly had a great article about Kilah and the Davenport Family’s fight for the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act of 2013.

Check out their article, “Local girl’s story drives federal child abuse bill” for further information! To read the full law, go here.


Kilah and Family Updates

Huge apologies for not being on here lately – my life has been a bit crazy to say the least!!

Reminder: If you haven’t already, sign the Kilah’s Law Petition – it only takes a second!

Kilah Latest Update:

From Kirbi:

Just received the telephone call i have been waiting for! I am happy to announce that on December 5th. Kilah will be admitted into Levine’s to have an endoscopy to see if the swelling is gone and remove the treach 🙂 praying that this will be a success and it will be removed! That will be the best Christmas present other than Kilah saying ” mommy i love you big” ;please pray for my precious girl

Thanksgiving! Update from Kirbi:

This thanksgiving already bests all the others!! Mom and i asked Kilah if she was hungry and she had her speaking valve on and she said “yes” ! Mom and i both bursted into tears! This is the best thanksgiving! Kilah i am so proud of u! Mommy loves you big! Happy first thanksgiving Blade. mommy and sissy love you BIG!

Upcoming Kilahs Law Event:

Monday, December 17, 2012 at 6:00pm

Most recent news stories and benefits:

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Family of child abuse victim hoping to launch nonprofit

Landis backs Kilah’s Law

Stanfield gives support to new child abuser law

Kilah and her adorable little brother Blade:

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